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About Us


Leading supplier of Vinyl Acetate Monomer(VAM),Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) and 1.4-Butanediol in China.

1,000 square meters of warehouse space,and liquid-product tank with a total capacity of 8,000 cubic meters.

Strategic Partner and Leading Agent of Sinopec.

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Haitung Chemicals Co,ltd is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of (Petro)chemicals in China.Established in 2010,one of the subsidiaries of Haitung Group.

We specialize in supplying a variety of highest quality (petro)chemicals produced by Sinopec.Main products include Vinyl Acetate Monomer(VAM),Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA),and 1.4-Butanediol(BDO) ect.The annual sales more than 50 million dollars.

We has built strategic partnerships with SINOPEC.Depend on Sinopec strong ability,we are stable supplying the products to more than 60 countries and regions which are located in the Middle East, South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

 The company has 2 warehouses at Chongqing and Dalian port over 1,000 square meters of warehouse space.And liquid-product tank at Jiangyin port,with a total capacity of 8,000 cubic meters.We are able to offer efficient service of supplying for our customers.

Adhering to a strict way of doing things right, honoring every commitment, and continuing to create values for customers are Haitungchem’s fundamental principles and spirits. 


Mission:Rooted in industry to create value


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