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  • 1.4 Butanediol (BDO)

    1.4 Butanediol (BDO)

    Product properties:                                                                                                                  the molecular weight is 90.12,colorless oily shape combustible liquid,hygroscopicity and taste bitter.When temperature below the freezing point,getting to needle crystal,with freezing point of 20.1℃ boiling point 235℃,and flash point(open) 121℃,relative density 1.017,lit temperature of 393.9,refractive index of 1.446 Uses:                                        ...


    The capacity of water soluble fiber is 19 ktpa. S-9、S-8、SS-7、SS-4、SS-2 fiber represents our water soluble products with respective dissolving temperature of 90℃、80℃、70℃、40℃、20℃.The products can be used in cotton spinning, linen spinning. Wool spinning and silk spinning in pure or blend. The blended fiber or carrier yarn, pure water soluble yarn and non-woven fabric are well sold in the world. Product Description                                                                         ...
  • Wind Power Epoxy Resin

    Wind Power Epoxy Resin

    Wind Power Epoxy Resin WPER is a type of vacuum infusion epoxy resin,having low viscosity high strength,high modulus and good heat resistance performances.WPER has good wetting property with glass fiber,carbon fiber.Their casting body owns excellent bending strength,tensile strength and impact strength.WPER is mainly used for components of composite material industry,such as wind power blades,luxury yacht,etc. Main applications: —wind turbine blade —luxury yacht
  • Waterborne Epoxy Resin

    Waterborne Epoxy Resin

    Waterborne epoxy resin has wonderful prospect of application due to its properties.Especially in terms of the application of epoxy resin in combination with cement mortar,the introduction of hydrophilic groups into epoxy resin makes this high performance organic-and-inorganic compound available with the high performance epoxy resin as a precondition.The outstanding advantage of waterborne epoxy resin lies on that this compound can be cured at atmospheric temperature and humidity with reasonab...
  • Solid Epoxy Resin

    Solid Epoxy Resin

    Main applications: —coating —anticorrosion —paint Grades:CYD-011,CYD-012,CYD-013,CYD-014,CYD-014U
  • O-Cresol Formaldehyde Epoxy Resin

    O-Cresol Formaldehyde Epoxy Resin

    O-Cresol Formaldehyde Epoxy Resin Due to the multi-epoxy groups existed in the molecules of O-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin,a large amount of tight cross-bonds are formed after being cured,resulting in excellent thermalstability,mechanical strength,electricity insulation and chemicals resistance.It is mainly used in microelectronic industry.Widely used for the encapsulant of semiconductors and integrated circuits Main applications: —microelectronic industry —encapsulant of semic...
  • Liquid Epoxy Resin

    Liquid Epoxy Resin

    Liquid Epoxy Resin A type of basic epoxy resin.It is colorless or yellowish viscous liquid with low toxicity.It is mainly used in coating,adhesive,anticorrosion,electric insulation,laminated plates and potting fields or used as the raw material for high-grade epoxy resin processing Main applications: —coating —adhesive —anticorrosion —electric insulation —Laminated plates —potting fields  CYD-127, CYD-127E, CYD-128, CYD-128D, CYD-128E, CYD-128Y, CYD-1...
  • Functional Epoxy Resins

    Functional Epoxy Resins

    Functional Epoxy Resins This high molecule compound of low toxicity and light yellow is characterized by wide molecular weight distribution and even polymer-rization degree.The product made of such material have higher impact resistance and flexibility.It is mainly applied in the fields of coating and paint. Main applications: —coating —paint 
  • PP Fiber Grade

    PP Fiber Grade

    PP fiber grade is widely used in the production of bulked continuous filament (BCF), fine and superfine staple fiber, cigarette filter tow and superfine non-woven fabric in high-speed and ultrahigh-speed spinning and spunbonded non-woven fabric production. It has a variety of applications in the decoration, medical sanitation martial and clothing production sectors.
  • Synthetic resin PE EVA

    Synthetic resin PE EVA

    EVA can be processed by many different methods, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, calendering and foaming. It is principally used in the production of packaging material, agricultural film, injection-molded products, cable material, foamed plastics, master batch carriers, blending toughening material and damping soundproof material. It can also be used in the production of hot melt adhesive, carpet backing, wax-based coatings and shoe soles. Through hollow molding, E...
  • Synthetic resin PE HDPE

    Synthetic resin PE HDPE

    HDPE is suitable for many plastic molding methods. Blow molding can be used for making various types of bottles, cans and industrial tanks and barrels. Injection molding is used for making various containers and goods of daily use, such as basins, barrels and baskets and furniture. Extrusion molding is used for making pipes, strapping tapes, fibers and single filaments and can also be used for making wires & cables covering materials and synthetic paper. After a large amount of inorganic ...
  • Synthetic resin PE LDPE

    Synthetic resin PE LDPE

    Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)is a synthetic resin using a high pressure process via free radical polymerization of ethylene and is therefore also called “high-pressure polyethylene”. Since its molecular chain has many long and short branches, LDPE is less crystalline than high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and its density is lower. It features light, flexible, good freezing resistance and impact resistance. LDPE is chemically stable. It has good resistance to acids (except strongly oxidizin...
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