Triacetin (Food Grade)

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Triacetin (Food Grade)

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    Triacetin (Food Grade)

    CAS NO.: 102-76-1

    EINECS/ ELINCS NO.: 203-051-9

    E Code: E1518

    FEMA: 2007

    Synonyms: Glycerol Triacetate, 1,2,3 Propanetriol Triacetate

    Molecular Formula: C9H14O6

    Molecular Weight: 218.21

    Constitutional Formula: CH3COOCH2CH(CH3COO)CH2(CH3COO)


    1.Tobacco industry( as plasticizer for cigarette filter rods)

    2. Flavour and essences( as fixer )

    3. Dairy goods(as emulsifier)

    4 Food additive( such as in hard candy, butter and beverage)

    5. Chewing gum( as plasticizer)

    6. Adhesives (as non-phthalate plasticizer for waterborne adhesives)

    7. Bakes goods( as stabilizer agent)

    8. Cosmetics( as humectants) and nail polish( as plasticizer)

    9. Pharmaceutical ( as antifungal agent) and capsule coatings( as plasticizer)

    10. Animal Feed

    11. As pesticide adjuvant

    Standard of Food Grade Glycerol Triacetate:

    .Food Grade Glycerol Triacetate is manufactured using vegetable glycerine and synthetic based raw

    materials only.

    Packagings:New 200 Litre steel drums containing 240KG net.

    New 1000 Litre IBC containing 1150KG net.

    Isotank containing 20,000KG ~25,000KG net.

    Storage:Keep in sealed, unopened, original containers.

    Avoid conditions of high humidity and temperature.

    Storage temperature:10℃-30℃

    Shelf life: 12 Months.

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